Niagara University

Through quality teaching and meaningful research, we seek to develop within our students a passion for knowledge and inquiry. This provides the cornerstone of success in academia and the workplace, and propels the journey of lifelong learning. This passion must be supported by a joint commitment from faculty and students to pursue scholarly excellence in a culture of academic integrity.

The educational journey also includes opportunities for students to become actively involved in integrative experiences designed to promote problem-solving, personal growth, and intellectual maturity. We also recognize that some students need help to reach their goals; resultantly, we have programs, faculty, and staff committed to enhancing student success.

Through a strong general educational foundation in the liberal arts, we are dedicated to giving students the knowledge, skills, and values they need for positions of responsibility in their future professions and in society. Current and practical instruction is complemented by career development initiatives and programs that prepare students to pursue advanced degrees. Since integrity is critical for true and lasting professional success, we place a special emphasis on understanding ethical issues and expectations.

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