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"מכללת הזדמנויות!"Chadron State College

יתרונה הגדול של המכללה שהיא מציעה חינוך איכותי בעלות נמוכה. המכללה נמצאת בקולורדו ומייצגת במיטבה את סמול טאון ארה"ב מי שמעוניין לחוות את ארה"ב הכפרית.

תכנית הלימודים מציע תוכניות וקורסים ב65 מגמות  ותוכניות ,8 בלימודי מאסטר.5 לתואר הראשון. המקצועות המושכות את רוב הסטודנטים הם: מנהל עסקים, חינוך, מדעי ביולוגיה, בריאות, לימודי משפטים וניהול rangeland

Those who know Chadron State College best weren’t surprised when the institution earned a “Hidden Treasure” designation by a national news magazine at the turn of the 21st century. As Chadron State celebrates several consecutive years of enrollment growth more than a decade later, perhaps the secret is out. While it may be less hidden, Chadron State is still more than worthy of being called a treasure.

Chadron’s “college town” charm has won over many students and faculty members. Northwest Nebraska has been described as the convergence of many popular characteristics. Chadron is the seat of Dawes County, about half of which is open to the public for hiking, biking, hunting, fishing and other recreational activities. The surrounding landscape is known for its pine-studded buttes that stand above golden wheat fields and pastures dotted with cattle and wildlife.

Chadron State takes pride in its beautiful campus and facilities. Many of the most historical buildings on campus have been upgraded with state-of-the-art technology and modern amenities, making it a comfortable place to live and study. Chadron State’s residence halls are known for being spacious. Students will feel right at home with the dining services, workout facilities and a recreational trail that meanders south of campus. From 2013 to 2016, over $30 million in new construction was completed on the CSC campus including the Rangeland Complex, the Chicoine Event Center and three Eagle Ridge housing units.

Chadron State College תואר ראשון

Applied Science
Art Studies
Science Teacher Education

Chadron State College תואר שני ומעלה

Arts in Education
Business Administration
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Administration – Curriculum/Assessment Coordinator
Educational Administration – Elementary/Middle/Secondary
Educational Administration – Special Education Coordinator
Human Services
Natural Resources Management and Policy
Organizational Management
School Counseling
Sport and Fitness Management
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