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Cape Studies הוא בי"ס מצוין ללימודי אנגלית שנמצא בקייפטאון היפיפייה דרום אפריקה. חוויה בינלאומית באחד המקומות המדהימים ללמוד בהם אנגלית. הב"יס מציע טיולי ספארי וטיולים מיוחדים למי שמעוניין - שילוב מושלם של לימודי אנגלית חוויתי וטיול אחרי צבא.


Welcome to our "Rainbow Nation", a diverse melting pot of cultures and colours, where Father Christmas carries a surfboard, snow is almost unheard of and people sing on their way to work. South Africa is a country of contrasts with wide-open landscapes and bustling, cosmopolitan cities. Our dramatic past and hopeful future are not the only reasons why people come here.

The warm climate, natural beauty, great value for money and the friendly people attract millions of tourists every year. South Africa has a fascinating mix of culture, with African, Eastern and Western influences reflected in most areas of society. This can clearly be seen in the different forms of dance, music, song and food, which come from the various cultures.

Cape Studies is proud to be located in Cape Town - few cities in the world have a more spectacular setting than the historic Mother City, which lies cradled in the arms of the majestic Table Mountain.

Our team at Cape Studies is well prepared to offer you a high standard of service and professional education during your time with us.

Cape Studies has a team of highly motivated, qualified and experienced staff. We choose our teachers not only based on their qualifications but also their personalities. During the high season we employ temporary teachers who we select carefully to maintain the high standard that our students are used to.

We, as a school assess, our teachers on a regular basis and provide on-going teacher training so as to keep up-to date with new and proven teaching methodologies. This combined with the most current teaching materials ensure that our students get the maximum benefit from all their courses.

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