California State University, Monterey Bay

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) is a school designed to provide a high quality education while instilling the ideas of public service.  It began as a school to help the working and lower class that did not have the same education opportunities as their better off peers. As the school continues to grow, it will always remember where it began and strive to give back to the community. As a result, the students will be able to form partnerships with other students, the faculty, and the community as a whole both public and private.

CSUMB believes that their curriculum should also embrace the idea of community and service. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to focus on the student and society. Putting their focus not only on the inner-city but also on isolated rural populations. CSUMB will provide this in many different ways through its coursework. Whether it is through the sciences; the arts; humanities; international studies; education; studies of human behavior, communication, and information.

The education programs at CSUMB will:

  • Integrate the sciences, the arts and humanities, liberal studies, and professional training;
  • Integrate modern learning technology and pedagogy to create liberal education adequate for the contemporary world;
  • Integrate work and learning, service and reflection;
  • Recognize the importance of global interdependence;
  • Invest in languages and cross-cultural competence;
  • Emphasize those topics most central to the local area's economy and ecology, and California's long-term needs;
  • Offer a multicultural, gender-equitable, intergenerational, and accessible residential learning environment.

California State University, Monterey Bay תואר ראשון

Business Administration
Cinematic Arts & Technology
Collaborative Health and Human Services
Communication Design
Computer Science & Information Technology
Environmental Science, Technology, & Policy
Environmental Studies
Global Studies
Human Services
Liberal Studies
Marine Science
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Visual & Public Art
World Languages and Cultures

California State University, Monterey Bay תואר שני ומעלה

Applied Marine & Watershed Science
Business Administration
Instructional Science & Technology
Management Sciences and Information Systems
Marine Science
Social Work

California State University, Monterey Bay לימודי תעודה

Applied Behavioral Analysis
Environmental Ed. & Environmental Service
Science Illustration
Special Education and Teaching
Teacher Education for Multiple Levels
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